07 December 2010

my rules~

: independent girl
: youngest in the family but not a spoil brat
: violent
: no lady like
: fat
: dark skin
: not very tall
: mental disorder ;p
: fall in love easily
: faithful inside but unfaithful outside. HAHA
: love read novels
: love DAISIES!!!
: please don't fall in love with me bcoz i may fall to you and left you easily so let me fall to you first
: no shawl
: had little number of girlfriends
: minat memasak tapi tak tahu memasak ;p
: still waiting for my prince charming
: nice to me and i will nice to you
: to my boyfriends, please don't fall in love with me if you not even know the real me. I begging you.

that's all for tonight 'merepek'.

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