26 November 2014

2014 - 25 Nuffnang Blogbuster Campaign - Maybank Transact & Win


Wahhh!! semalam kan aku bukak emel terkejut tengok dapat emel dari Nuffnang pasal Blogbuster Campaign ni. Al maklum la sebelum ni aku tak pernah ditawarkan mana-mana Blogbuster campaign. Blog i ni blog picisan je uols. Tak ramai pun yang baca apatah lagi nak follow. (tolonglah follow cepat  :p) hihihi. ok back to topic kita.

Masa dapat emel tu aku macam blur apakah ini. Apa yang aku perlu buat? Sebab aku agak slow dengan Nuffnang punya aktiviti. Baru tahun ni nak start aktif balik dengan Nuffnang. So baca punya baca buat kaji selidik sikit pergi blogwalking blog-blog yang gah dan tengok apa yang perlu dibuat. Baru lah aku tahu rupanya kena submit video selama 15 saat maksimum panjang video tu untuk join dalam kempen ni. Then bila orang klik play video kita akan dapat earnings dari klik tersebut. Ada blog aku jumpa dia kata pernah dapat earning sampai RM 4k .. Oh my gucci!! Gila best! Aku ni sekarang kalau bab duit memang laju je nak buat semua. Hahaha. Al maklum nak kahwin ni kena cari duit lebih sikit. :p

Tapi aku ni tak kreatif la nak buat video-video ni. Tak pandai. Dah la 15 saat je nak kena explain pasal Maybank2u tu macam pendek sangat. Hurm dah lah tarikh tutup untuk upload video tu 2/12/2014 ni. Ok la tengoklah kalau ada aku buat aku akan bagitahu. Kot la sempat ke kan. I is busy sangat sekarang ni taw. Huhu. Blogger-blogger otai sekalian tolong bagi tunjuk ajar macam mana nak buat video kreatif boleh tak? Nak jugak merasa join contest nuffnang ni. Nak dapat offer ni bukan senang kan. Huhu kalau ada nak tolong tu tinggalkan lah komen ye. Semoga Allah membalas jasa baik kalian semua nanti.

Ok nah tengok details kempen ni kat bawah. Details ni aku copy dari emel. hurmm sedang berfikir nak buat video yang macam mana.

The details of this campaign are as follows:

Campaign Name:
Maybank Transact & Win (Blogbuster)

Video Submission Deadline:
02 December 2014

Campaign Period:
08 December 2014 to 09 January 2015

You Will earn:
RM0.50 for each complete play of the video that is shown on your ad unit (this rate applies to Glitterati members only).

As this is a first of its kind Campaign, we understand that many of our Nuffnangers have questions about this campaign. Here is a summary of what to do:

1. Record a short video (approx. 10 seconds) based on the brief given in your Blogbuster tab.
2. Upload your video in the space provided. You may upload up to 5 videos.
3. If your video(s) is chosen for the campaign, it will be shown on the ad displayed on your blog. Kindly note that if your video(s) is not chosen, the ad will not show up on your blog.
4. Please note that approved videos will be compressed and branding may be added to the end depending on the requirements of the campaign.

Campaign background:
Maybank2u as a platform that allows customers to get rewarded for doing what they already are doing – transactions and many more. Now you can stand a chance to win great prizes simply by doing Maybank2u transaction.

Maybank2u products and services:
Cardless Withdrawal – Withdraw money without an ATM Card
IBG Fund transfers – Interbank transfers
Prepaid Top-up – Upload phone credit anytime, anywhere
Bill payments – Pay multiple bills online

Record yourself/ your friends mentioning or demonstrating one of the four main services that entitle customer’s entries in Transact and Win:

a. Cardless Withdrawal
b. IBG Fund Transfers
c. Multiple Bill Payments
d. Prepaid Top-up

With these entries, there are prizes to be won!
a. Daily – 56x Daily prizes (2 movie tickets a month for a year)
b. Weekly – 24x weekly prizes (RM500 Cash)
c. Grand Prize – 10x Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or iPhone 6

IMPORTANT: MUST include Voiceover or Text:
Maybank2u, Suuuper great, Suuuper convenient, gives me all kinds of awesome, just by making transactions with Maybank2u! Find out more at www.maybank.com.my today!
Make your demonstration as creative as possible! (for approx 10 seconds)

Please find attached image for your reference:

Sample idea:
Video showing you/your friends demonstrating the Maybank2u Transact and Win.

Sample Idea 1
1) A few friends competing to win the prizes – daily and weekly, cumulating to the grand prizes. Here we see all these friends, competing with one another, going around to all their friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, random strangers on the streets voluntarily wanting to pay bills, top up phones OR do interbank transfers just so they can accumulate entries to win prizes.

V/O or Text: Maybank2u, Suuuper great, Suuuper convenient, gives me all kinds of awesome, just by making transactions with Maybank2u! Find out more at www.maybank.com.my today!

Sample Idea 2
2) A café or some other outdoor area. A young lady uses the Maybank2u app on her smartphone. Suddenly, someone hands her a bunch of cinema tickets. Startled, she accepts them and goes back to her phone. Suddenly, someone hands her a wad of cash. She takes the cash and puts it away carefully, then goes back to her phone. Suddenly, someone hands her an iPhone 6 or a Samsung Note 4.

V/O or Text: Maybank2u, Suuuper great, Suuuper convenient, gives me all kinds of awesome, just by making transactions with Maybank2u! Find out more at www.maybank.com.my today!

- Language: English/Bahasa Malaysia/Chinese
- Bright lighting or natural sunlight
- Clear sound quality
- It should be reflective of a Day in a life of any Malaysian, preferably younger group below 35
- Dresscode: Fashionable, trendy and reflects the Malaysian culture.

- Do not show any competitor brands in the video.

For more information about the campaign, just login to your Nuffnang Dashboard and click on the additional tab titled "Blogbuster" under "Services".


  1. haha aku pon dpt tp idea nk buat video tanpa gune muke aku tu x sampi lg hahaha story book dh ada

    1. Wuuu deadline semalam. mmg x sompek nak anta weh. sobs! redha jela..

  2. hello, have your video approve from maybank?

    1. @yuki low nope. i'm not submitting the video due to time strain. :)